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Curriculum Intent


Bluebell Park School is a special school that caters for children with complex needs, profound & multiple learning difficulties, SLD, ASC and high medical needs from 3 – 19 years. The school population has grown and the balance between the different types of need pupils present has shifted. There are also changes nationally that has impacted the school’s curriculum.

Curriculum Statement of Intent

The curriculum delivered at Bluebell Park is designed to be ambitious and to give learners the skills and knowledge to meet their full potential and become as independent as possible.

Our curriculum at Bluebell Park is a skills and knowledge based curriculum underpinned by our central aim ‘Learn about the world, care for others and celebrate achievement’.

Important to all pupils learning is that they are safe, happy stimulated, healthy and confident learners. All pupils will receive an individualised curriculum based on their needs as outlined in their EHCP following the pathway that best suits their need. Pupils’ readiness to learn, engagement, communication skills and regulation of emotions are all a key focus of our curriculum. We have a multi-tiered curriculum that is through carefully and sequenced learning experiences.

Our holistic learning is a personalised approach driven by pupils and their individual needs, interests and aspirations. In preparation for adulthood, pupils are supported to develop relationships and foster positive attitudes towards learning, which enables them to participate and succeed in the wider world. Our curriculum is relevant and purposeful, motivating and stimulating. Broad and balanced topics and themes are used as a vehicle for individualised learning offering new and varied experiences. This approach is underpinned by an ongoing collaborative process across the MSLD network.

Pupils within the school are grouped within three pathways that support the pedagogy of learning: Traditional, Sensory and Structured.

Bluebell Park Curriculum Aims

The following aims form the bedrock upon which the Bluebell Park curriculum delivery takes place:

  1. To provide a positive learning environment through the establishment of a warm, secure and caring atmosphere.
  2. To recognise effort, not merely attainment.
  3. To celebrate all achievement.
  4. To promote through the range of opportunities provided, the maximum degree of independent living.
  5. To maximise the potential of each child and meet their needs irrespective of disability by the provision of a broad, balanced, relevant and suitably differentiated curriculum, which includes, where appropriate, the national curriculum and which motivates, stimulates and excites.
  6. To ensure continuity and progression.
  7. To promote access to the curriculum through the application of appropriate technology.
  8. To seek opportunities and, where possible, provide the necessary support for pupils whose development can be further enhanced by attending alternative educational establishments.

The following is an application of the above into the practices by which Bluebell

Park meets the diverse continuum of need evident within its pupil population.

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