Curriculum Overview

BluebellPark051Lower School Curriculum Delivery

EYFS  – Follow a play based curriculum incorporating strategies that allow pupils to access the curriculum offered.

Key Stage 1 and 2 classes –

Essential delivery taking place each week:

Literacy/Numeracy/Science/ PE and or swimming/ IT cross curricular

All pupils will have access to all areas of the curriculum fully adapted and taught to the pupils needs.

We teach phonics through a systematic approach that allows pupils to learn at their own pace. This allows pupils to learn, practice and generalise these skills so that they become functional skills. We follow the DFE publication ‘Letters and Sounds’ where pupils can move through 6 phases. We also uses Jolly Phonics which supports all types of learners. Phonic activities are totally differentiated and tailored to individual learning styles and needs. These are taught through a total communication approach.

Where it is felt appropriate pupils are given suitable reading materials which support pupils phonic knowledge and comprehension.

We  follow a  topic cycle and should evidence application of all other subjects across the year including PSHCE and MFL (this has increased weighting at KS2).

The point for monitoring subject delivery will be in teacher planning and progress monitored through Connecting Steps

FOCUS: Learning and progress evidenced in I Can and My Year books, IEP’s and Connecting Steps


Upper School Curriculum DeliveryChildren at Bluebell Park

Essential delivery taking place each week:

Literacy/Numeracy/Science/ PE and or swimming/ IT cross curricular

Modular Carousel:

Art/Music Performing Arts/Humanities/DT/MFL/RE/PSHCE/ Mayors Award

This can be delivered through externally accredited modules/non-accredited units and/or stand alone units of work

At KS4

There is an introduction of Specialist Careers/ WBL-Team Enterprise/D of E with an overall increase in focus on work being fully accredited.

Please note that everything does not have to be done all of the time. The key is to show delivery of a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum over the year through use of a modular carousel.

Focus: Increased applied learning and progress evidenced in My Year books. IEP’s and Connecting Steps


Both Lower and Upper School students follow a topic cycle to ensure there broad, balanced coverage of the curriculum Topic Cycle 2014 – 2018


BluebellPark133Post 16 Curriculum Delivery

Essential delivery taking place each week:

Literacy/Numeracy/IT cross curricular or externally accredited course


College/vocationally focussed modular courses externally accredited

Sport and Leisure

WBL/Team Enterprise

Life Skills/PSHCE with emphasis on careers element dovetailed to PCTR and transition reviews

D of E/ JASS Awards

FOCUS: Application of skills, increased independence preparation for adult life evidenced in external accreditation and culminating in summative ROA



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