At Bluebell Park School we are committed to safeguarding our pupils and promoting their welfare and expect all staff, governors, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment and work to provide a safe, secure and vigilant environment.

We work alongside families and other agencies to provide the very best we can for our pupils, working for their best outcomes using a person centred approach.

Our curriculum is aimed to promote pupils own safety through many ways such as helping develop choices and promoting pupil voice, developing positive relationships with others and keeping themselves safe in all situations.

We ensure that our staff are regularly trained in safeguarding issues and kept up to date with current information. We closely monitor pupils well being and behaviour and will talk with parents / carers if we notice any changes to see what may be happening.

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Michelle Slater. We have two additional Safeguarding Leads – Teri-Ann Steele and Jamie Campbell.

We support Operation Encompass. See more at this link.