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Curriculum Delivery

Bluebell Park School caters for a range of cohorts, each is carefully considered to ensure that progress for all learners is captured by the best possible measures. We firmly believe that one size doesn’t fit all, we are all very individual. Assessment also gives a picture of how well the school is doing and gives direction in setting challenging targets for improvement. To aid teachers pedagogy, class teams and learners we have identified 3 distinct pathways. Each class is made up of learners who predominantly fit one or two of the pathways. Below you can see a teacher led example of what you might see in each pathway.

In Summary:

  • The child is at the centre of our curriculum.
  • Recognition that teachers are teaching the four areas of send: Cognition and learning, Social, Emotional and Mental health, Communication and Interaction, and Physical and Sensory
  • Subjects are the Vehicle for what we teach
  • The Curriculum is the creative and inventive way in which we operate the vehicle.
  • Pathways pedagogy written by Bluebell Park education teams across the school which identifies ways in which we teach.

You can find more detail on this in the link below:


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