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Thank you to children & parents

I want to send a massive thank you to all the children and their families for the beautiful cards, flowers, gifts and kind messages I received on my recent retirement. I was truly overwhelmed by your generosity and kindness. Sending you all my sincere thanks and best wishes, Sue Cowley xx

Welcome to Bluebell Park


“Learn about our world, care for others and celebrate achievement”.


Welcome to our school website.  Bluebell Park is a state of the art Special Educational Needs facility combining Springfield School and the Elms.

Bluebell Park is a new 185 place school providing primary, secondary and post 16 facilities for students with special educational needs.  The building is a two storey construction and facilities include Learner and hydrotherapy pools, sports and perfomance halls, outside play areas, sensory/horticultural gardens and multi-use games area.