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Curriculum Overview

The curriculum delivered at Bluebell Park was formulated through very careful consideration of what educational journey (Pathway) our pupils should take, what is meaningful and what approaches foster independence. A model of delivery underpins the design of the building so an appropriate curriculum is being delivered. (The model of delivery and the mapping of curriculum delivery are included as Appendices to this statement/policy.)

Bluebell Park Curriculum Aims

The following aims form the bedrock upon which the Bluebell Park curriculum delivery takes place:

  1. To provide a positive learning environment through the establishment of a warm, secure and caring atmosphere.
  2. To recognise effort, not merely attainment.
  3. To celebrate all achievement.
  4. To promote through the range of opportunities provided, the maximum degree of independent living.
  5. To maximise the potential of each child and meet their needs irrespective of disability by the provision of a broad, balanced, relevant and suitably differentiated curriculum, which includes, where appropriate, the national curriculum and which motivates, stimulates and excites.
  6. To ensure continuity and progression.
  7. To promote access to the curriculum through the application of appropriate technology.
  8. To seek opportunities and, where possible, provide the necessary support for pupils whose development can be further enhanced by attending alternative educational establishments.

You can find out more information about the delivery and content for each Key Stage by clicking on the link below:

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