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Special School Nursing Team

The school nursing team for Bluebell Park are based on site Monday – Friday school hours in term time. All of our staff are trained and competent to deliver emergency support to all children in school.

Manor Farm PCRC- 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, all year. 0151 290 4990

Bluebell Park School – 9.00 – 3.20pm. 0151 477 8656

We are a team of specialist children’s nurses, nursery nurses and healthcare support workers. We:

  • Deliver the national healthy child programme, this includes:
    • National Child Measurement Programme- reception and year 6-7
    • Sexual Health Advice
    • Childhood immunisations (immunisation team supported by special school nursing team).
    • Health drop-ins
    • Health promotion- hand washing, dental health, healthy eating
  • We work with health care professionals, education staff, social care staff and private voluntary services to help your child access school.
  • We will ensure every child has an up to date health action plan. (These list the child’s health needs, who is involved in their care etc. They are accessible to class staff and inform the EHCP). They are updated annually or when anything changes.
  • We will refer to other services as necessary- physio, OT, dental, continence, dietitian, community paediatrician
  • If your child has a specific health need such as epilepsy the nurses will write a health care plan. (This outlines specifically how to care for the child and is shared with school). They are updated annually and when anything changes.
  • We facilitate training sessions for parents and education and social care staff on:
    • Epilepsy
    • Asthma
    • Diabetes
    • Allergies
    • Medicines Management
    • Gastrostomy
    • Tracheostomy
    • Suctioning – Oral & Nasopharangeal
  • We will share your child’s health information with professionals involved and keep them safe in school.
  • When your child reaches year 9 they will have a named nurse to support their transition to adult services.
  • We will ensure that there are always 2 members of the nursing team on site during school hours.
  • We support the Knowsley Paediatric Continence Team with advice and support around continence issues affecting your child by attending clinic appointments in school and completing home visits with the continence nurse. We do not provide pads/ products, but assist with assessments.
  • We follow a strict medicine policy in school. There may be some circumstances in which the nurses can administer medication to your child. We provide on going training and support to education staff to enable them to administer medication to your child. We will give medication if it is required 4 times a day, or has to be given within school hours. (registered nurses and trained support staff can give medications.
  • We will provide home visits as necessary to support your child in school.
  • We will attend multi agency meetings for your child. (LAC meetings, Child Protection meetings, Early Help).
  • We work with other professionals to safeguard your child/ young person while at school, this involves meeting the family, writing reports and attending regular meetings.
  • We are unable to:
    • Arrange your child’s medical appointments but we can provide telephone numbers to help you.
    • Offer a clinical service to children, or staff such as changing dressings, assessing wounds, rashes or pre-existing injuries or conditions. For advice in regards to this you will need to contact the child’s GP, or local Walk-in Centre.


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