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Parental Involvement

We actively encourage Parents to be involved in school life in several ways.

On starting at Bluebell Park School we hold an induction meeting so we can get to know one another and explain some of the processes in school. We send out a Welcome Pack with the information written down.

Classes will communicate with parents on a variety of information. The home-school book is a two way flow to share information. Class teachers will agree about the frequency of use (daily, weekly, etc.) and what information may be included. We try to encourage our older pupils, where possible, to assist with the sharing of information.

We hold a ‘meet the team’ meeting early in the school term where parents get the opportunity to meet their child’s new class team and share any information about their child. They can see the classroom and discuss the type of learning activities that may take place.

Parents are invited to join us for various school events such as the annual school performance and the carol concert at Christmas. We also ask for parental support for charity events that the pupils are involved in.

We send home termly IEPs which have a section for the parents to comment on their child’s current and previous targets. We also hold an annual review of their EHCP which gives an update on their progress.

We send out a termly newsletter detailing what has been happening in school.

We have a parent app which can be downloaded and keeps parents up to date with messages, notices and letters. This information is also sent through our twitter and facebook accounts and our website.

We have three parent Governors on our governing body to represent the views of the parents.
We send home an annual Parent/Carer survey which collects the views of parents on a range of school information and we also send a survey to parents of pupils who are leaving to gain their views on the transition process.

Above all, we want parents to feel that they can contact us about any issue and we hope that our open door policy is evident. If a teacher or member of the class staff is unavailable to speak at a particular time then we endeavour to get back to parents at the end of the day.

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